Sunday, August 16, 2009

So you say the present's just a pleasant Interruption to the past

So I am watching Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami on E!
and it makes me glad my mother only had one other
daughter. These girls have so much money and can do
basically whatever they want...oh not to mention that they
are pretty old and still argue like they are still teenagers, well
Khloe is still young but still!
Today was weird if I could say so myself. Scott came over so
I could cut his hair, (Yes he trusts me with his hair). Everything
was great he was sweet like usual and then he left and blahhhhh.
I think I am unsual and not a normal person because of my dad
passing away, its kinda screwed up my brain and how I think.
But I hate being alone and today was one of those days where
I just didnt want to be alone at all. Our friend called and invited
us to go to the lake and on a boat. Great! I called Scott told
him to get more info. Well as me and my brother and mom were
at Target I remembered me and the water and being on a boat
do not mix well, especially since I hadnt eaten all day and I wasnt
sure if there was going to be food. So I texted Scott told him that
I kinda didnt want to go due to the sea sick thing. Now this is the
part where I am not sure if I should have reacted the way I did.
I thought that Scott being my boyfriend would choose to stay off'
of the boat and hang out with me right? WRONG! haha he left
with them and I was stuck at home sitting and doing nothing.
I was pissed like no other and couldnt help but mope around like
a little girl who didnt get what she wanted when she wanted it.
I didnt want to make a big deal like I did but I could not help it.
I was being short with him when we talked on the phone and
also when he would txt me...I know, I know childishhhhhh by far!
I serously even thought about turning off my phone and going to
bed, but I know that he would get pissed and then it would be
another thing to deal with and I hate fighting for no reason.
We finally...well I finally got over it and we made up. But still I want
to try to fix my little clingy ways. I want Scott to be able to do his thing
and if I want to do things with out him I can. Only! I can not picture
doing things alone and him not with me, and not because I need
to have him or anyone with me but just because I want him to
experience things with me. I think of my dad and how he died
so young and Im sure when he found out he didnt have much
longer on this earth he tryed to soak everything up before he left.
I try to live my life that way though and sometimes it gets in the
way of kinda of just living life for me. Holding Scotts hand isnt
just holding his hand to me, or kissing him isnt just kissing the person
I love. I have to be so techniqual with everything I do haha. Enough of
my personal love life and my messed up brain.
So my song of the day is by
Something Corporate
and the song is called Konstantine

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures are fun :)

So I haven't posted a blog in awhile...sorry! I have been busy
actually not really but I can not find a good enough excuse :P


I am finally on my laptop that has been sitting
under my bed for literally a year because it was broken
and I know nothing about computers so what the heck!
under the bed sounded like a great place for it to maybe
magically get fixed! haha It was a fun little adventure when
I did decide that the under the bed trick wasnt going to work.
I took it to Wal-mart the guy told me I needed to buy a SATA
harddrive blah blah blah...what the heck is that? and what does it
do?...I have no clue but all I know it that it fixed my computer :)

I am getting ahead of myself

I took it to Best Buy which is across
the street from Wal-mart and asked one of those Geek Squad guys
what I needed. So he walked me to the asile where this SATA
blah blah blah was and continued to talk to me about it and
asked me which one I wanted to hello do I look like
I know anything about computers? didn't think so.
So I picked the cheapest one and then he contuines to ask me if I wanted
to install it myself...this is after I told him I knew nothing about
computers or knew nothing about what a SATA blah blah blah was
I thought these Geek Squad guys were suppose to be smart?...
no offense guy who helped me. So he tells me it is going to be $49
for an insallation fee after I told him it was probably safe for him
to install it for me. Good news was it was only going to be 15 min.
to install. So I had a seat on one of their leather lounge seats and
waited. He finally came out gave me a thumbs up and said it was
ready and good to go. I paid and waved adios to Best Buy and
Geek Squad boy. I headed home and was like a little kid so
excited that it was that easy to fix my computer. I plugged it
in at home and what pops up? Heck if I know! A bunch of computer
mumbo jumbo...all I wanted was to turn on the computer and
see my wallpaper and whatever else you see when you turn
on your computer. So I waited for Scott to come over so we could go
take it together to Best Buy. Geek Squad boy wasn't there so I had
to hand over my laptop to Geek Squad Man who looked terrified
at what he saw when he turned on my computer. He said he was going to try
to figure it out. So the next day I went to Best Buy praying to God
that Geek Squad Man figured it out! and Presto! he did! I was
so happy again :) I went home once again just to make sure and it
did work my computer was like all I had to do was
connect to the internet haha yea like its that easy! so once again
more freaking computer drama. I stayed with my laptop trying to
figure out where the little wireless connection icon was because it
decided to take a little vacation I guess while my laptop was under
my bed. I sat, and sat, and clicked, and sat....nothing. Scott came
over and he gave up within 20 min. so he went to my room to
watch t.v. I stayed with it again to mess with it because it was
fustrating. I popped in a blue cd that came with my computer
clicked random stuff downloaded something and magically
the wireless icon and everything else appeared and I felt like I
won a prize oh and I felt FREAKING smart! it was a great day :)

Goes to show you that you may not know what the heck you are
doing but if you are determined enough it will eventually all
fall into place :)...never underestimate yourself!

Now for my song of the day...
It is Shakira's La Tortura Feat. Alejandro Sanz
This is by far my favorite Shakira song

Sunday, August 2, 2009

So when this is over don't blow your composure baby

So I am sitting here while my mom does some crafts
which I should be helping but decided to blog instead

This weekend has been fun and not so fun

Friday: I got to actually spend some time with
my boyfriend. He has started Firefighting Academy
which starts at 8 a.m. and goes on till 5 p.m.
but he has to drive almost an hour to and from
and when he is driving back there is traffic
so by the time he gets home he is totally exhausted
and he just goes straight to bed...I dont blame him
but still I am used to seeing him 24/7 so its a little
different not bad though. Absence makes the heart
grow fonder right? :)

Saturday: Let's see...I kinda just relaxed at the house
I didnt have to clean because me and my mom did it
Friday during the day ( Saturday's are usually are cleaning
days) so I layed in bed reading "The Time Traverlers Wife"
which is by the way an amazing book! I can not get
enough of it. I wish it didnt have to end :( I havent
finished it but I am getting there. Anyways after I
got over my being lazy mood I jumped in the
shower and started getting dressed and went
to BlockBuster and got a couple of movies that
I still havent watched. One was Coraline and I
have been wanting to watch that movie forever
and now I rented it for a day and the day has passed
and it is due tonite at midnight...doesn't look like
it is going back :p I am determined to watch it
tomorrow!!! after I rented movies me and Scott
went to eat dinner with some friends at
Blue Goose Cantina, we got our usual: Chicken
quesedillas with cheese and chips and salsa
with a cup of queso...We like cheese I guess.
After that we went back to my house and then thats
when the bad part of the weekend started. My throat
started itching and then came the coughing ughhhhhhh
so Scott left a little after hearing my coughing haha

Sunday: I woke up and layed in bed then my lovely
boyfriend text me and decided it was time for
me to get out of bed and go over to his house :)
so I got dressed pick up a little and headed out
to his house. Me and Abby (Scott's dog) picked
some shirts from his mom catalogs, well one
(she gets them whole sale ;) ) while him and his
dad mowed the lawn. Then we went to the good ol'
dollar movies and watched Taking of Pelham 123
which was pretty good, more of a guy moving but
not bad. After that we went back to my place and
tuned in to Shark week on Discovery Channel...
which I dont know why I get freaked out by sharks
I dont even live anywhere near a beach...unless I go back
home to Corpus Christi, TX but I hardly ever go
deep enough into the water but I caught myself
listening extra hard on how to defend
yourself when your getting attacked by a shark.
This guy who was in the jaws of a fake shark had
to figure out how to turn it off. Later he found out it
was by pressing these buttons that were his eyes....
I kepted asking Scott if that was how you really
stop a shark from attacking you...he never answered.
So if I ever get attacked by a shark I will have to try
it and see if it works.

So here is my song of the day
It is by Mayday Parade and
called Threes Cheers for Three Years
me and my brother were going out for a beer and wine
run for my mom and dad haha and he busted
out my cd's and took out an old burned cd and
this song was on there. I forgot how much
I love this song, it is what made me a big fan of these
guys, enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I will wrap you in my arms and you’ll know that you’re saved

I thought I would post some pictures that
my boyfriend took not to long ago
We went to this really cool barn in Carrollton, TX
I love the way the turned out!





Dont have much to post today
but I am in the mood to read and I
want to go get The Time Traverlers Wife
I read some of the beginning of the book and
it seemed really good and plus the movie
doesn't look that bad either!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

He smiled my favorite crooked smile, but it was wrong. It didn’t reach his eyes.

So I was on and saw these videos :)

I cant wait!! I have never really been into anything
like this but I am hooked haha


Today was a pretty layed back day which I love
my parents took my little brother and sister to
the drive in movies that is about an hour away
in a town called Ennis, Tx...I think or maybe Euless the way I am from Lewisville, TX.
While they did that I waited for my boyfriend Scott
to get off of work and we went to his parents house
to eat. They cooked some yummy food...let's
see some steak, mash patatoes, chicken, and
alot of other good stuff! My tummy was totally pleased

While I am typing this my dogs decided to take over my
bed so I am squeezed in the corner of my queen bed
totally uncomfortable but they look like there pretty nice
and cozy...they are cute though and I guess I will let it

So now for the song of the day...which weird enough
I found a video that someone made with Twilight scenes
This song is another really good Kings of Leon song
called Closer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Before I fall too fast kiss me quick but make it last...

I so want this ladies nails!!! How freaking cute are these...I love hello kitty.

(wish I looked that hot while I cleaned)

Today was a very productive day for me or atleast
I felt like it was haha I did all the laundry and finished
cleaning so that way I dont
have to do it on Saturday which is our cleaning day. Then
a little after that I went to the studio where
my boyfriend works
(he's a photographer)
to hang out there for a bit.
We went to Best Buy and other stores
after that so we could look around at different
places at video camera prices.
After awhile of going to Best Buy, Wal-mart,
then Target we went back to
Best Buy to get one but then
I found a table that had open box
products that are
priced lower because they are opened.
So he got a Samsung video
camera that was reg. $299 and was lowered
to $139, not bad huh? thanks to me :)
We went to his parents house and I wanted
to swim so I got my swim suit on and
went to get in and um...
it was freaking cold...
so much for that haha.
We headed back to my house because
my parents and uncle were grilling
fajitas, sausage and we also had beans and
chips and salsa yum!

I guess i'm going to have to do my song of the day
and post it on here lol sooooo
Todays song of the day is Paramore's new single
for their upcoming album.
I love Paramore and the music they make.
I bought their last album Riot and fell in love
with them and love the fact
that the lead singer is a girl who
kicks major ass with her voice
...I always wanted to make a band sigh :(.

This would be awesome at the moment...
yum hazelnut iced coffee from McDonaldsssss

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been roaming around always looking down at all I see.

Have you ever felt like everything you worked so hard for 
just up and decided to pack their bags and leave you 
to fend for yourself? yea well that day was definately 
that day for me...blah. 
I guess its time to put my big girl pants on and grow up, 
I dont mind but its kinda scary thinking of it 
and coming to a realization that its probably time to take 
that first little step to achieve that. 
I know it will be awhile till I can actually consider myself 
an adult...or atleast in my head, 
but I know that day will come. 

Anyways less depressing subject

I cut my hair the other day by myself 
I dont think it looks bad so kudos to me! 
I needed a new look. 
I guess you can say I was 
channeling my inner Beyonce haha

My little brother leaves to Austin tomorrow for 
cheerleading camp at like 4 in the for him :) 
Nah I will miss him, 
believe it or not he was my first best friend 
and still is usually you fight with your siblings 
but I cant remember me and him ever fighting. 
I mean of course we had our little tiffs...
like when he punched me in the stomache 
so hard he knocked the wind out of me and 
he got scared and thought I was dying haha 
or the one time we were at my grandma's for 
the summer and he said I couldnt slap him hard 
enough to make him cry and of course I proved 
him wrong hehe. Other than that we have always 
stuck together because my dad died of 
pancreatic cancer when I was 5 and he was only 1 
maybe not even that yet, but he was all I had 
for awhile we had my mom too of course...
depressing again I know haha my life story I guess.

I am absolutely in love with this song 
ever since I heard it on the radio. 
I love the lead singers raspy voice 
I think it gives the song more emotion...
I wish I had a cool raspy singing voice :(