Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been roaming around always looking down at all I see.

Have you ever felt like everything you worked so hard for 
just up and decided to pack their bags and leave you 
to fend for yourself? yea well that day was definately 
that day for me...blah. 
I guess its time to put my big girl pants on and grow up, 
I dont mind but its kinda scary thinking of it 
and coming to a realization that its probably time to take 
that first little step to achieve that. 
I know it will be awhile till I can actually consider myself 
an adult...or atleast in my head, 
but I know that day will come. 

Anyways less depressing subject

I cut my hair the other day by myself 
I dont think it looks bad so kudos to me! 
I needed a new look. 
I guess you can say I was 
channeling my inner Beyonce haha

My little brother leaves to Austin tomorrow for 
cheerleading camp at like 4 in the for him :) 
Nah I will miss him, 
believe it or not he was my first best friend 
and still is usually you fight with your siblings 
but I cant remember me and him ever fighting. 
I mean of course we had our little tiffs...
like when he punched me in the stomache 
so hard he knocked the wind out of me and 
he got scared and thought I was dying haha 
or the one time we were at my grandma's for 
the summer and he said I couldnt slap him hard 
enough to make him cry and of course I proved 
him wrong hehe. Other than that we have always 
stuck together because my dad died of 
pancreatic cancer when I was 5 and he was only 1 
maybe not even that yet, but he was all I had 
for awhile we had my mom too of course...
depressing again I know haha my life story I guess.

I am absolutely in love with this song 
ever since I heard it on the radio. 
I love the lead singers raspy voice 
I think it gives the song more emotion...
I wish I had a cool raspy singing voice :(


  1. "Love your blog", Love the Song & Love You!


  2. So Random!! Just like you. ha!! I love it!! made me almost cry. :\