Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures are fun :)

So I haven't posted a blog in awhile...sorry! I have been busy
actually not really but I can not find a good enough excuse :P


I am finally on my laptop that has been sitting
under my bed for literally a year because it was broken
and I know nothing about computers so what the heck!
under the bed sounded like a great place for it to maybe
magically get fixed! haha It was a fun little adventure when
I did decide that the under the bed trick wasnt going to work.
I took it to Wal-mart the guy told me I needed to buy a SATA
harddrive blah blah blah...what the heck is that? and what does it
do?...I have no clue but all I know it that it fixed my computer :)

I am getting ahead of myself

I took it to Best Buy which is across
the street from Wal-mart and asked one of those Geek Squad guys
what I needed. So he walked me to the asile where this SATA
blah blah blah was and continued to talk to me about it and
asked me which one I wanted to hello do I look like
I know anything about computers? didn't think so.
So I picked the cheapest one and then he contuines to ask me if I wanted
to install it myself...this is after I told him I knew nothing about
computers or knew nothing about what a SATA blah blah blah was
I thought these Geek Squad guys were suppose to be smart?...
no offense guy who helped me. So he tells me it is going to be $49
for an insallation fee after I told him it was probably safe for him
to install it for me. Good news was it was only going to be 15 min.
to install. So I had a seat on one of their leather lounge seats and
waited. He finally came out gave me a thumbs up and said it was
ready and good to go. I paid and waved adios to Best Buy and
Geek Squad boy. I headed home and was like a little kid so
excited that it was that easy to fix my computer. I plugged it
in at home and what pops up? Heck if I know! A bunch of computer
mumbo jumbo...all I wanted was to turn on the computer and
see my wallpaper and whatever else you see when you turn
on your computer. So I waited for Scott to come over so we could go
take it together to Best Buy. Geek Squad boy wasn't there so I had
to hand over my laptop to Geek Squad Man who looked terrified
at what he saw when he turned on my computer. He said he was going to try
to figure it out. So the next day I went to Best Buy praying to God
that Geek Squad Man figured it out! and Presto! he did! I was
so happy again :) I went home once again just to make sure and it
did work my computer was like all I had to do was
connect to the internet haha yea like its that easy! so once again
more freaking computer drama. I stayed with my laptop trying to
figure out where the little wireless connection icon was because it
decided to take a little vacation I guess while my laptop was under
my bed. I sat, and sat, and clicked, and sat....nothing. Scott came
over and he gave up within 20 min. so he went to my room to
watch t.v. I stayed with it again to mess with it because it was
fustrating. I popped in a blue cd that came with my computer
clicked random stuff downloaded something and magically
the wireless icon and everything else appeared and I felt like I
won a prize oh and I felt FREAKING smart! it was a great day :)

Goes to show you that you may not know what the heck you are
doing but if you are determined enough it will eventually all
fall into place :)...never underestimate yourself!

Now for my song of the day...
It is Shakira's La Tortura Feat. Alejandro Sanz
This is by far my favorite Shakira song

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