Sunday, August 2, 2009

So when this is over don't blow your composure baby

So I am sitting here while my mom does some crafts
which I should be helping but decided to blog instead

This weekend has been fun and not so fun

Friday: I got to actually spend some time with
my boyfriend. He has started Firefighting Academy
which starts at 8 a.m. and goes on till 5 p.m.
but he has to drive almost an hour to and from
and when he is driving back there is traffic
so by the time he gets home he is totally exhausted
and he just goes straight to bed...I dont blame him
but still I am used to seeing him 24/7 so its a little
different not bad though. Absence makes the heart
grow fonder right? :)

Saturday: Let's see...I kinda just relaxed at the house
I didnt have to clean because me and my mom did it
Friday during the day ( Saturday's are usually are cleaning
days) so I layed in bed reading "The Time Traverlers Wife"
which is by the way an amazing book! I can not get
enough of it. I wish it didnt have to end :( I havent
finished it but I am getting there. Anyways after I
got over my being lazy mood I jumped in the
shower and started getting dressed and went
to BlockBuster and got a couple of movies that
I still havent watched. One was Coraline and I
have been wanting to watch that movie forever
and now I rented it for a day and the day has passed
and it is due tonite at midnight...doesn't look like
it is going back :p I am determined to watch it
tomorrow!!! after I rented movies me and Scott
went to eat dinner with some friends at
Blue Goose Cantina, we got our usual: Chicken
quesedillas with cheese and chips and salsa
with a cup of queso...We like cheese I guess.
After that we went back to my house and then thats
when the bad part of the weekend started. My throat
started itching and then came the coughing ughhhhhhh
so Scott left a little after hearing my coughing haha

Sunday: I woke up and layed in bed then my lovely
boyfriend text me and decided it was time for
me to get out of bed and go over to his house :)
so I got dressed pick up a little and headed out
to his house. Me and Abby (Scott's dog) picked
some shirts from his mom catalogs, well one
(she gets them whole sale ;) ) while him and his
dad mowed the lawn. Then we went to the good ol'
dollar movies and watched Taking of Pelham 123
which was pretty good, more of a guy moving but
not bad. After that we went back to my place and
tuned in to Shark week on Discovery Channel...
which I dont know why I get freaked out by sharks
I dont even live anywhere near a beach...unless I go back
home to Corpus Christi, TX but I hardly ever go
deep enough into the water but I caught myself
listening extra hard on how to defend
yourself when your getting attacked by a shark.
This guy who was in the jaws of a fake shark had
to figure out how to turn it off. Later he found out it
was by pressing these buttons that were his eyes....
I kepted asking Scott if that was how you really
stop a shark from attacking you...he never answered.
So if I ever get attacked by a shark I will have to try
it and see if it works.

So here is my song of the day
It is by Mayday Parade and
called Threes Cheers for Three Years
me and my brother were going out for a beer and wine
run for my mom and dad haha and he busted
out my cd's and took out an old burned cd and
this song was on there. I forgot how much
I love this song, it is what made me a big fan of these
guys, enjoy!

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